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Digital Heretix is group of talented individuals committed to helping clients gain traffic and see results. We developed our superior approach through years of tireless research and empirical data. Let us show how we can help you reach new levels of success.

her-e-tix [her-i-tiks] 1. A person who holds unorthodox digital media viewpoint


Doing Work


Areas of Expertise

Here's What We Do

Our wheelhouse of expertise is expansive when it comes to the Internet. From creating custom apps to developing winning business models, there are plenty of areas we excel in. Here are just a few of the ways that we can help you out:

Penalty Recovery Consulting

Lost that prized ranking to a search engine penalty? We can help welcome visitors back to your site.

SEO Audits

Do you feel like your site is missing something? We are the fresh pair of eyes you need to ensure everything is running smooth.

Search Strategy

SEO demands much more than just meta tags and anchor text these days. We will ensure your site is poised for success.

Global Speaking Engagements

In addition to offering top-notch SEO consulting services, we find time to interact with marketers at conferences and events all over the world. Here is where we have been (and where we are planning on going):

Ungagged Conference - London, England (May 2015)

SEOktoberfest - Munich, Germany (Sept 2015)


Ungagged Conference - Las Vegas, NV (Nov 2014)

SEOktoberfest - Munich, Germany (Sept 2014)

CopyPress Unconference (June 2014)

Copyblogger Authority Intensive - Denver, CO (May 2014)

SEOkomm - Salzburg, Austria (Nov 2013)

SEOktoberfest - Munich, Germany (Sept 2013)

Arizona State University (Topic: SEO Analysis) - Tempe, AZ (Oct 2012)

SEOktoberfest - Munich, Germany (Sept 2012)

SearchMarketingDay - Poznan, Poland (May 2012)

SEOktoberfest - Munich, Germany (Sept 2011)

Who We Are


These are the hard-working, enthusiastic individuals that will help you achieve your goals and continue to grow your online presence.

  • Joe Sinkwitz
    Joe Sinkwitz

    Joe (also known as Cygnus) has worked in SEO since 1997. He enjoys reverse engineering algorithms, finding impossible marketing angles, and winning for clients.

  • Eric Kaufman
    Eric Kaufman

    Eric has spent the past 15 years as an accomplished technologist and marketer. He spends most of his time off teaching his kids how to hack Google results!

  • Jon Kuster
    Jonathan Kuster
    Systems Engineer

    Jon has been here over a decade and ensures everything is running smooth. Outside of building new technology and putting out fires, he enjoys shooting clays.

  • Thomas Berbner
    Thomas Berbner
    Link Strategy

    Thomas is responsible for traffic acquistion and innovative link strategies and marketing campaigns. In his spare time he plays soccer and is a Chipotle shareholder.

  • Andrew Evans
    Andrew Evans
    Client Services

    Andrew specializes in planning and maintaining client sites, information architecture and social media campaigns. He enjoys hiking, music and Islay single malts.

  • Treble
    Human Resources

    Every Internet company has a dog. We are no exception.


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