Meet our Team

Digital Heretix was established more than ten years ago and is committed to helping clients protect their reputation and excel in their digital endeavors. These are the hard-working, enthusiastic digital marketing experts that will help you achieve your goals, safeguard your reputation and continue to grow your online presence.

Joe Sinkwitz


Joe (also known as Cygnus) has worked in SEO since 1997. He enjoys reverse engineering algorithms, finding impossible marketing angles, and winning for clients.

Eric Kaufman


Eric has spent the past 15 years as an accomplished technologist and marketer. He spends most of his time off teaching his kids how to hack Google results!

Jonathan Kuster

Systems Engineer

Jon has been here over a decade and ensures everything is running smooth. Outside of building new technology and putting out fires, he enjoys shooting clays.

Thomas Berbner

Link Strategy

Thomas is responsible for traffic acquistion and innovative link strategies and marketing campaigns. In his spare time he plays soccer and is a Chipotle shareholder.

Andrew Evans

Client Services

Andrew specializes in planning and maintaining client sites, information architecture and social media campaigns. He enjoys running, music and good beer.


Human Resources

Every Internet company has a dog. We are no exception.