Online Reputation Management

In a perfect world, we would be meeting under different circumstances. In reality, you are probably unsatisfied with your online reputation and are asking yourself, “Can these people help me turn things around?”

The answer is yes. We absolutely can.

Each company approaches online reputation management (ORM) with a different philosophy. We have been in the business long enough to develop a superior approach. It goes far beyond pushing negative pieces down. We focus our efforts on helping you achieve lasting results through positive and proactive methodologies.
Without boring you to death with every last detail, we have synthesized our proven method into a simple one-two-three-go process:

Phase 1: Find and Promote the Positive

The first phase of our process involves using social media and other website assets you feel comfortable giving us access to, pairing it with our own methodology of asset creation, identifying your favorite positive press and using our connections to promote you in a natural way, designed to start building a base of support. Most ORM agencies barely get this far, if at all, but it is vital for our second step.

Phase 2: Focus on the negative

We could go into details here on our previous development experience as it pertains to software development and competing in hypercompetitive industries, but suffice it to say, we understand how search engines, servers, and the guts of the Internet work. During this phase we’ll be employing our knowledge to implement an effective and proven strategy against the negative pieces that you have addressed in the preliminary consultation.

“Your brand name is only as good as your reputation”

– Sir Richard Branson

Phase 3: Full steam ahead

Did you know that click-through-rate (CTR) is a search ranking factor? It’s not the biggest factor at the moment, but it is something we wrote software for to help nullify negative results. Did you know that with the speed of algorithmic shifts and updates that what worked last year probably won’t work tomorrow? It’s quite true, which is why we have skin in the game to stay on top of such updates and create methodologies designed to maximize effects of such shifts for our clients. During this phase we keep pushing anything positive to ensure things keep moving in a positive direction.

Phase Go: Because search never stops

After the typical three month engagement to move clients into an overall better position with regards to their reputation, we offer a support choice: continue on a month-to-month basis at the current rate or move to a one year support agreement at half the rate. Why do we do this? Search keeps changing and we keep finding ways to make those changes work in our favor; negative press may rear its ugly head again in the future, but if you’re always trying to stay one step ahead, the impact is going to be far less harmful to your reputation.

We have helped executives, political figures and small business owners to improve their reputation across all relevant digital media channels. We can help you too. As competent online reputation management consultants, we are committed to helping you take control of your narrative once and for all.

Ready to let us help you take control of your reputation?