Our Elevator Pitch

We are a team of digital marketing consultants committed to helping clients protect their reputations, build and maintain beautiful websites and increase visibility using proven Internet marketing strategies. We can help you by:


Protecting your reputation

Is somebody else telling your story? Let us help you effectively change the narrative with our proven ORM strategies.

Analyzing your SEO

Let us take care of your search engine optimization while you sit back and watch your traffic grow. Does it get easier than that?

Finding new ways to grow

Do you feel like your site is underperforming or missing something? We are the fresh pair of eyes you need to help turn things around.

her-e-tix [her-i-tiks] 1. A person who holds unorthodox digital media viewpoint

Some Awesome Brands We Have Helped

Global Speaking Engagements

In addition to offering top-notch SEO consulting services, we find time to interact with marketers at conferences and events all over the world.


None scheduled

Want to feature Digital Heretix at your event? Contact us here with the details.

UnGagged Conference – Las Vegas, NV (Nov 2016)
SEOktoberfest – Munich, Germany (Sept 2016)
SEOktoberfest – Munich, Germany (Sept 2015)
Walt Disney Search & Social Advertising Summit – Anaheim, CA (May 2015)
Ungagged Conference – London, England (May 2015)
Ungagged Conference – Las Vegas, NV (Nov 2014)
SEOktoberfest – Munich, Germany (Sept 2014)
CopyPress Unconference (June 2014)
Copyblogger Authority Intensive – Denver, CO (May 2014)
SEOkomm – Salzburg, Austria (Nov 2013)
SEOktoberfest – Munich, Germany (Sept 2013)
Arizona State University (Topic: SEO Analysis) – Tempe, AZ (Oct 2012)
SEOktoberfest – Munich, Germany (Sept 2012)
SearchMarketingDay – Poznan, Poland (May 2012)
SEOktoberfest – Munich, Germany (Sept 2011)
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We have helped countless clients gain visibility, protect their reputation and grow in exciting new ways. With close to 50 years of combined experience in the digital marketing business, our team is uniquely qualified to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to get started!