Intellifluence is an influencer marketing service that enables businesses to communicate directly with trusted influencers, get awesome reviews and increase sales.

Intellifluence breaks the mold by using peers for influence rather than celebrities. The result is a feasible way for small businesses and startups to grow with limited investment. Here are the ways we were able to help Intellifluence during their rise to prominence:

Content Strategy

Influencer marketing isn’t a very difficult concept to grasp. Essentially, it is relying on an individual to promote your product or service to their engaged audience. There are a lot of different companies claiming to be the influencer marketing “experts”, but we find most of them overcomplicate things.

We worked hard to ensure Intellifluence’s simple core value was represented within all messaging:

make it simple to get quality reviews and increase sales

From the homepage to about section on the Intellifluence Facebook page, we developed and implemented a content strategy based on clarity.

Here is the clear, concise 3 Step Intellifluence process for businesses that we developed:

PR Spotlight

Upon launch, Intellifluence was featured in prominent digital marketing publications, revered industry blogs and popular beta sites in order to get people talking:

Additionally, several industry thought leaders began to take notice, check out the product and Tweet great things about it to their 289,500 followers:

The Result

Here are some of the highlights associated with the Intellifluence SEO audit/strategy and initial launch:

5000+ Influencers join in the first month
200+ Brands register in the first 8 weeks
Top 0.1% Expert Ranking on Social Media*

*Ranked in the .01% for social profiles discussing influencer marketing (Source: Klout). **Intellifluence is a sister company of Digital Heretix, both co-founded by Joe Sinkwitz but separate entities.