SEO Audit & Strategy Services

We are the digital marketing company that other SEOs turn to for advice and strategy; think of us as a SEO Think Tank if you prefer, that primarily works off of referrals. We have developed massive content and linking strategies and have achieved great success through effective and systematic implementation. Our unique approach goes far beyond what most agencies are able to offer due to our experience and advanced methodology. We have audited numerous high profile client sites to ensure they are aware of their deficiencies.

Step 1: The Audit

Have you ever had an IRS audit? An SEO audit is nothing like that. Sure, there may be some pain because our team will be essentially picking apart the technical SEO elements of your site, viewing all your created content with a critical eye, and ensuring your off-page strategy isn’t setting you up for failure.

While it may be viewed as airing out your dirty laundry, there’s a very important reason why you should consider performing an audit prior building out a strategy if you’ve not yet performed on: if your strategy is absolutely brilliant, but your site has some legacy issues, you’re still going to run into problems with the likes of major search engines.

The analogy we love to use is that of a house; your domain is a house which you intend to remodel and add additional rooms to, but if you don’t assess the state of electrical, plumbing, roof, and foundation you can be setting yourself up for a costly situation.

While this audit is a crucial first step when it comes to SEO, we highly recommend clients rely on us to put together a comprehensive strategy based on the initial audit to ensure there is an effective plan in place to address any deficiencies.

Step 2: Strategy

Each strategy is different, but we can draw upon our experience to determine what is likely to work in terms of increasing overall search traffic and what is not going to work. Using the above audit as a basis to determine weak areas, we’ll recommend a course of action.

How do we know what opportunities are best for you? We’ll always take client feedback on the ideal consumer and search phrases, but note that the proposed strategy will not be a matter of saying “target these keywords” by doing simple keyword research; we have the ability to survey the competitive search landscape due to what content is being created, how links are being created, what PPC values exist and where they are trending within your industry and attempts to provide a road map to determine the new content that needs to be developed as well as recommended adjustment to existing pages based on the data w/ interlinking opportunities designed to maximize your low hanging fruit opportunities.

The final piece of the content strategy also recommends various page and keyword combos that require promotion, ranked in terms of commercial viability. This process is iterative and can be repeated again and again in the future as you exhaust the reported opportunities and excitedly come back to us wanting more.

Step 3: Making it happen (Implement it!)

After the two steps are complete we can start to shift gears and move into content production and promotion, which is a natural extension of having created a strategy – if there’s anything I hate to see it is for a fantastic strategy to be created, but never executed on. Due to our relationship with industry leaders, we’re able to offer agency pricing of all their content creation services, which we can manage on our clients’ behalf, helping you to push forward efficiently and effectively.

Ready to let us perform an SEO audit on your website?